Interior Trends to Inspire You In 2022

Interior Trends to Inspire You In 2022

Our lives over the last couple of years have turned us into serious homebodies. We are now reflecting on how we can make our homes exciting and design spaces that we love to be in to relax and enjoy. So, it’s out with the neutrals and in with the bold but modest hues and connecting the outside into our interior spaces. Creating Spa-like experiences in our bathrooms and the use of natural materials such as rattan are also a big hit in 2022. Here are a few examples of our work that we hope will inspire your interior flare.

Timeless & Elegant

Timeless and elegant yet bold is something we expect to see in 2022 as we consider moving away for neutrals. Hague Blue from Farrow and Ball can literally transform any room. By adding pops of colour in luxurious velvets brings a great contrast and texture. This orange lampshade is the perfect addition. Despite its dramatic look this colour is perfect in any space large or small. It brings a brightness compared to more commonly used charcoal grey tones. This blue changes dependant on the time of day. In this design, we included curved feminine shaped furniture which is a huge trend this year. We love this iron curved lamp base from Design Vintage it’s the perfect complement to this lampshade. Hague Blue (

Space Focused on Individuality

This space was all about making a big impact. As our lives have changed over the last couple of years a space to entertain friends and family in a fun setting is more prevalent in 2022. Striking and bold colours paired with high-shine gold and black a great combination can add an element of excitement and fun during these difficult times. In this design Little Greene Brunswick Green makes a statement, along with a custom-built bar and music area finished in gold metallic lustre and gloss geometric style tiles. A space focused on individuality is big in 2022. Personalise each room that connects with each of our clients after all it is your home. Mid Brunswick Green Paint | Green Paint | Little Greene

Bringing Creativity

To lift our spirits and bring some creativity in our homes it is no surprise that everything green is a trend we will see more and more in 2022. A combination of real and artificial plants will bring an airy feel to any space. Palms in particular, the options are endless, place them in a basket or plant stand. They are very versatile and help bring a plant feature together and create balance in any room. We love Little Botanical The Little Botanical XL Areca Palm Ceramic Pot Plant (

Spa-Like Experience

Hotel Bathrooms is another most wanted transformation in our homes and this trend is set to continue in 2022. There is a huge shift from creating a functional space to a spa-like experience. Freestanding baths are set to be the focal point in any bathroom along with the use of natural stone in a minimalistic setting. We love this freestanding bath from Bath Mountain Chelsea 1700mm Slate Grey Freestanding Bath | Bathroom Mountain



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